Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava Bean!

Ava's birthday was actually August 22 - she turned 3! But because we had company during that time, and she is already under a bit of stress as it is, we decided to wait to celebrate until it was just the family. So we celebrated last night!

The pups got the same yummy birthday treat as they got for Jackson's birthday, and Joe and I got mini cupcakes! Then, since it was her birthday, she was allowed to skip the evening walk (she hates going out, but usually I make her so she gets some exercise) and she napped on her mom's lap until we went to bed.

Ava hasn't been feeling that great lately, but over the last few days, she's been getting a little of her old spark back, so it was definitely a fun night.

I love this girl! Happy birthday, Ava - here's to many, many more years together!

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