Friday, February 26, 2010

Joe's Booth at the Home Show

I realized today that I never posted this. Bad me! Joe worked all weekend last weekend at the Bristol Home Show, about 25 minutes from where we live. He had a booth and talked to people about chiropractic. It was kind of a slow show, so it wasn't as successful as he had hoped, but he did get a couple new patients out of it. How could you not stop by this booth? Look how cute that man is!

In other news, it has rained non-stop here for the last 48 hours, and now today it started snowing again. I'm starting to think Spring will never come. But I'm getting away from it all for the weekend! Flying to Seattle at 4:40 p.m. today. Can't wait!

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you soon!

Friday, February 19, 2010

More Snow!

We woke up to a huge snow again the other morning. For some reason, the big snows always come when we're sleeping, so we never really get to see it coming down. But even though it snowed all night, it continued to snow throughout the day, too, so we got to see a lot. Joe was thrilled - finally a huge snow!

What we woke up to.

Joe had to shovel out the car... again. (He still lets me take the garage with the car I'm borrowing from my mom.)

Jackson and I starting out on our morning walk.

Jackson loving his snowy walk.

Ava, during most of the festivities.

I did actually get Ava out in the snow this time, though. It's the first time I have coerced her outside when there is snow on the ground. But I just had to at least get her to experience it. As you can see from the following video, she was none too pleased that I made her come outside for nothing.

The snow is sticking around this time. It's really pretty, but I'm pretty much ready for the spring now. Actually, I'm ready for summer. We can even skip over spring!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Joe and I had SUCH a nice day for Valentine's Day! First, we treated ourselves to Starbucks. The perfect day starts with Starbucks. :)

Then we took Jackson for a long walk along this trail in Southington. It was the perfect holiday for both our dogs - Jackson got a nice long walk and Ava got to sleep in uninterrupted at home.

After our walk we came home, got dressed up, and went out to lunch at this Thai Place we've been wanting to try. It was great food (and of course great company!).

After lunch, we headed to the theater to watch a movie. We don't get to go out that often, so it was really nice. We elected to watch Wolfman, which kind of cracked us up, since there were a ton of romantic movies to watch on Valentine's Day, but we chose the horror film.

The movie didn't get very good reviews, but we thought it was really good. Definitely worth watching if you like werewolf movies and don't mind a little (okay, a lot) blood and guts.

We headed to the store to pick up some dessert (hot berry pie for me; chocolate ice cream pie for Joe) and then went home and ate our dessert as we watched the newest episode of The Biggest Loser. (I know, something about that seems really wrong, but whatever).

It was a great day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Joe's Home

Joe made it home safe and sound last night. We were all happy to have him home. As you can tell, the dogs missed him terribly!

Cute, huh?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Joe In Chicago

Joe is in Chicago this weekend and sent me a picture of his hotel room. I thought I would share it with you. He is having a great time at the conference, and is currently out having drinks with Dr. Grant and some of her friends. I'm jealous!

Look at how big that bed is! The dogs would love it! haha

Ava Walks!

Ava seriously hasn't been outside in, like, a month. I know that is horrible, but she is very good at manipulating me! It's been so cold and windy and rainy and snowy, and she just looks at me with those big eyes and digs into her blankets and basically begs me not to take her outside. And she really doesn't need that much exercise, so it's been okay. Probably not the healthiest, but okay.

Anyway, today I decided that it wasn't AS cold as most other days, so I was going to take her to the dreaded... OUTSIDE. You would have thought I was beating her with a stick the entire way. She really just hates it. The only dog I've ever met who cowers when she sees a leash. Ugh.

But she does look damn cute prancing around outside, I tell you. I just wish she didn't make me feel like crap for taking her for a walk!

I hate you mom! HATE YOU!

This shows the difference between our two dogs. Love them both though!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All By Myself (With the Dogs)

Joe left this afternoon for a chiropractic conference in Chicago. I just talked to him and he landed safely and he and his boss are headed out to dinner for traditional Chicago-style pizza. Sounds yummy.

It's strange being all alone in the house... I should be taking advantage of it, right? Hitting the town with some girl friends or at least watching Dirty Dancing in my pjs. But I miss him. He really wouldn't care if I watched Dirty Dancing in my pjs if he was here, that's the thing. He's that kind of guy.

But the dogs and I are making the most of it. I just took Jackson out for his nightly walk and now he is standing by the front window, looking outside and waiting for his dad. It's kind of sad. He is a daddy's boy. But it's good for the dogs and me to have some quality time together. (By the way, Ava just finished eating dinner and is now snuggled up under her snuggie again, where she lives 99% of the day. I'm pretty sure she's clueless anything different is going on.)

Joe will be back home on Saturday, which is great, because Sunday is Valentine's Day and although we don't have big plans we do want to spend it together.

I'm just hoping he takes advantage of his time in Chicago. It's not every day you get a free trip to a kick-ass city, right? Plus he will actually get to watch real-time television in his hotel room! Imagine that!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jackson Gets a Playdate

I joined a "Friendly Dogs" meetup group and Jackson and I went on our first playdate today! It was in Bethany, about 1/2 hour from us, at this doggie daycare that had a large open yard for the dogs to roam in. There were a lot of dogs there and even though it was one of the COLDEST days yet, we had a good time.

Jackson immediately navigated to the only two small dogs there. Maybe he missed his sister?

Being social.

We've been bad parents and haven't really taken him to the dog park or out with other dogs in a while. He needs that, and he really liked being at the playdate. I got a couple videos of him playing. He's such a good dog!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad Dog

I know it's my fault. I shouldn't have left the door to the dishwasher open. But when I came home from lunch, I found this:

Not one, not two, buy THREE empty tupperware containers laying in Ava's bed. Now, if she doesn't want to be blamed for stuff, she really shouldn't stash the evidence in her own bed!

I called her name and saw the covers move on the couch, but she didn't come out. She knew she was in trouble. I called her name again, until she calmly stuck her head out, seeming to say, "I really have no idea what you are yelling about. I was right here the whole time."

"And boy, that leftover cheese dip was yummy..."

Surprise Trip Home!

I am so excited! My very good friend, Heidi, who will soon be standing up with me on my wedding day, called me the other day to say that she was sick of hearing my 'woe is me' mantra and is flying me to Seattle at the end of the month so we can celebrate my engagement! (Okay, she didn't actually say she was sick of it, but I had been complaining a bit that it was depressing planning a wedding 2,000 miles away from anyone who actually cares.) She has already scheduled a few dress-shopping appointments, and we have scheduled a time to go see my venue! I didn't think I was going to be able to see it until I came home for my neice's wedding in August, so this is so cool! And the thought of actually going dress shopping with a girlfriend (as opposed to by myself, which would have been the case if I would have started my shopping in Connecticut) makes me sooooo happy!

Yay for me!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Since Ava got so sick a few months ago, she hasn't really been the playful girl she once was. So, when she does get a little spunky, and start playing, it just makes my heart glow. Yesterday I was in the middle of a workout at home and all of a sudden I hear a *quack* and look over to see Ava playing with Jackson's duck toy. It was the funniest thing! I grabbed my camera to capture the moment, and as soon as she saw me paying attention, she stopped playing. It's like she feels like it's 'beneath' her to play with dog toys, but sometimes she just can't help it. :)

By the way, look at that bootie! She is getting FAT!

Oh no, I was spotted! "I wasn't playing mom, NO WAY was I playing with that dirty old duck!"