Friday, August 14, 2009


So, there is this heron that hangs around our neighborhood. He is tall and so regal looking and Joe and I love it when we see him. When Joe's family was here, we kept telling them, keep a lookout - there is this cool heron that hangs around. For the entire week they watched for him and never saw him. Of course, two days after they left, we saw him at the little pond by our house. Isn't that the luck?

Well, just now I was upstairs organizing the spare bedroom and Jackson went ballistic downstairs. Barking and growling and making so much noise! I yelled at him to be quiet, thinking it was just a dog walking by. Neither he nor Ava bark very much and when they do, they usually quiet down when we tell them to. Well, this time, he just kept barking and barking.

I ran downstairs, expecting him to be by the front door watching the dogs, and he was at the back door. I looked outside and the heron was walking around our backyard!! It was so cool - man, he's tall! I ran upstairs to get the phone and by the time I got back downstairs he was headed toward the trees.

Not sure if you can see anything in this video, but thought I'd try to share, anyway. It was just so cool! (he's right in the middle, among the trees. sorry about the barking dogs in the background)

We actually have a lot of wildlife around our area. Deer, chipmunks, frogs, squirrels, and lots of cool-looking birds. It's so nice!


  1. We have a heron in our area to. I just spotted the young offspring of it the other day. It's hard to get a good photo of them, but fun to try.

  2. They are so majestic looking! I just love them!