Monday, August 10, 2009

My Last Day at Work & Joe's First Day

Oh My God! For those of you who know me.... REALLY know me, this is going to come as a complete shock. But... I actually DROVE into New York City Saturday night!!! It was the COOLEST experience ever! Driving with all the taxis, people honking, pedestrians all over the road, one-way streets, utter chaos! I actually think I was meant to drive in NYC because everyone is a bad driver there - I fit right in!!

Aww.. NYC!

I was there because of the Affiliate Summit - a conference I was supposed to attend with my boss before I put in my resignation. Well, luckily, they still wanted me to attend, even though my last official day was Friday, July 31st.

So, I drove in on Saturday night and met up with my boss in our motel - the Hilton in Manhattan!

Our hotel room. I LOVED the framed picture on the wall!

When I got there, we walked around the city for a while and finally had lunch at this little neighborhood Italian eatery. So cool!

My lovely dinner companion (and former boss), Nicole.

The next day we spent all day at the conference. I spent eight hours screaming over our booth's table at affiliates who were asking questions about our products and our affiliate program. I think I repeated the same information about a thousand times and I was screaming because it was SO loud in the conference room. A completely crazy experience. But totally fun!

Our booth.

We had the brightest and most fun booth at the whole conference!

The conference ended around 6, and then we packed up and went out to dinner. I didn't get out of NYC until around 8:00 p.m., and finally got home around 11:00 p.m. What an experience, though. So fun!

So, that was my last official work day. Sad, but what a way to go out!

Today happens to be Joe's FIRST official work day! He went in to work dressed in black pants, a red shirt, and a power tie. Very nice! He had a busy day getting situated and getting to know everyone, but it worked out great, I guess! He loves it at his new office and already has his first patient - a police officer who has a sports injury. Joe's new boss is billing him as the sports specialist - the one thing he has always wanted to do! We knew this was going to be a great opportunity, but after today, I think we both realized HOW perfect it will be.

Such a handsome doctor. :-)

What a whirlwind few days!

Joe's parents leave for home tomorrow. It's been so nice having them here and has kept me really busy. I guess after they leave, I'll really have to get busy finding a job!

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