Sunday, September 6, 2009

General Update

So, amidst all of the drama with Ava, there has been some other things - good things - going on, and I wanted to share those as well.

Joe's boss went on vacation last week, leaving him in charge of the office. He saw several new patients (which are now HIS patients) and treated many of Dr. Grant's too. He seemed to make a great impression and handled everything smoothly. He had a couple records as well. The most patients treated in a day (22!) and the youngest patient ever treated (5 years old).

He was also able to treat a semi-pro golfer. The guy came in asking Joe to help him get ready for a tournament. This is huge for Joe because he has always wanted to work with athletes (golfers in particular), so if he can help this guy, that will be a huge jump in the right direction.

I have been sending out several resumes each week, for jobs that I'm very interested in, and haven't heard anything back. It's a little disappointing, but I know me not working right now is for a reason - if I was working, I couldn't be home with Ava, and I would be even more worried that I already am. Once she is better, the right job will present itself, I'm sure.

So, not all bad news. :) Hope everyone else is doing well.

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