Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on Ava

Ava has been on Prednizone since Saturday, and I don't want to jinx myself, but I think it may be working. She seems to be a tad bit more peppy, and she is eating much more than she was. She is also drinking and peeing a lot, but I am told that is a typical side effect of Prednizone.

I am also taking a fellow iggy-owner's advice and putting Lanolin on her ears to keep them moist. Italian Greyhounds are prone to getting cracked ears in the cold and it's really hard for them to heal because the skin is so thin. So Lanolin is supposed to keep them from re-cracking every time she shakes her head, and therefore give them more time to heal.

She still doesn't let me hold her or pet her much, which kills me. She seems so scared and anxious all the time, and backs away from me or whines when I try to pet her. I know that is caused partly because she can sense my fear and nerves and partly because lately when I come near her it's because I need to put medicine on her ears or examine her to see if there is anything different going on. But I just wish she would realize that of all people in this world, she can trust ME.

She hasn't cuddled on my lap in, like, three months. That used to be her favorite spot in the world. I'm wanting my cuddle bug back! But as long as she is possibly getting better, that is all that matters.

Cute little feet!

She still loves to burrow!

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