Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good News For Ava

Ava went back in to the vet on Tuesday and we got good news! The vet said that what we are doing (cone, no scratching, watching her closely, bleaching and cleaning the house) is working and that she no longer is in danger of losing her ears! He was very happy to see such a positive change because he said he was pretty convinced when he saw us last week that those ears were going to have to be amputated. The scabs are even looking better, so we are very hopeful! Thanks for all your well wishes!

Also, to let you all know, the internet we were using at the apartment went down, so I'm going to have to go to an internet cafe to get online until we can get our own internet set up. So, be patient if you don't here from us as often. We'll try to keep in contact as much as possible though!

I did get my replacement phone finally, so you can text or call me again. :) Same number.

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