Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving Out of Connecticut

Well, we are officially moved out of Connecticut. The movers dropped the moving truck off on Friday around 12:30 p.m. Poor Joe loaded 98% of the truck by himself since I was at work still, and when I came home, I helped him load the big stuff and then started cleaning. It was a long day, but we got it all done.

Jackson was a little anxious, and kept reminding us not to forget him.

Ava supervised from a constant state of sleepiness.

Our landlord came Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. to conduct the walk-through with us. We woke up super early that day to clean a bit more and pack the car. We really felt like it looked better than when we moved in. Our landlord must have agreed, because she gave us our full refund back, on the spot. It's so nice to have that money to help with expenses on the trip back.

I admit, it was hard for me to leave. Of all the apartments I've lived in, that place actually felt like home. Plus, a lot happened to us during the time we lived here - a lot of great memories and a lot of great adventures.

But I know we are on to a new and even better chapter to our lives, and I'm definitely looking forward to that!

Now we are back in Washington D.C., hanging out with Stuart and soaking up as much of the city as possible before heading west. Tomorrow starts our cross-country adventure, so stay tuned!

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