Friday, July 16, 2010

A Scenic Drive to Cody, Wyoming

We got a good night's sleep last night at the Landmark Country Inn in Murdo. Jackson loved his cushy, comfy bed, that he got to sleep in all by himself.

Seriously, doesn't he look comfy?

And just a couple more pictures of this hotel:

Right outside our room.

The hotel lobby.

Once we left Murdo, we headed down the road (gained another hour) and made our way to Wall Drug. We found this little tourist trap on our way out to the East Coast. There is literally nothing for miles and miles and miles in South Dakota, but then all of a sudden you start seeing these billboards for Wall Drug. And they last for literally, like 200 miles. When you finally get to the exit for Wall Drug, you cannot help but stop, because you've seen so many signs for it. It's brilliant marketing! Let me show you a few of the signs we saw:

For miles and miles. It's hilarious. The rest of the trip looked like this:

Fields and mountains.

More fields and more mountains.

So, when we got to the turnout for Wall Drug, we of course stopped again.

A huge dinosaur welcomes you.

The town is like a little western town.

The 'main drag'.

Joe and I took turns going into the store and looking around, and staying out with the dogs. It was already starting to be a hot day.

A random display inside the store.

A huge jackalope you could ride.

We bought some snacks and some special chocolate (tequila lime and spicy huckleberry flavors) and that's about it. It was just fun to go inside and look around. It's such a tourist trap, but totally worth the time.

Then we got back on the road.

Miles and miles, just like this. Isn't South Dakota beautiful?

We passed into Wyoming and took the scenic route to Cody, where we planned to stay the night. Most of the trip was slow, but beautiful. But we did hit some construction.

We off-roaded it in the Toyota.

Ava was jolted awake by the bumpy roads. (Yes, at this point she had dug her way underneath Jack's bed to sleep.)

After several more hours on the road, we made it to our destination of Cody. We got a cute little hotel downtown, and we settled right in for the night.

Joe was tired after all the driving.

Ava was tired after all the.... sleeping.

I got right on the computer to start blogging. (You are welcome.)

Joe went out to get dinner (Subway) and wine (which we drank out of the plastic glasses the hotel had available.) Classy, I know.


Tomorrow we are heading into Yellowstone! We are looking forward to the drive through the park. We are hoping to see more wildlife than we saw last time we went through. Should be a leisurely day tomorrow.

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