Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dinner Out

Last night Joe and I went out with Joe's boss (Dr. Grant) and her husband (John). They took us to this hole-in-the-wall neighborhood seafood restaurant that they frequent often (and know the owner). I was a little worried when we walked in. It's bare bones, a small, one-room place with nothing on the walls and outdoor furniture for seating.

But then we ordered. The owner of the place came and chatted us up for a while. We met the mother of our waitress, who told us she raised her kids to be hard workers because they owned a dry cleaning business. The guy sitting at the table next to us was told Dr. Grant was having masonry problems and came over to answer some questions for her. It was so fun - and bizarre!

Joe has wanted lobster since we moved here, so he ordered that. I order a bunch of sides - green salad, sweet potato fries, and beet salad. I wasn't expecting much (seafood restaurants usually aren't too adept at serving vegetarians), but I had the BEST meal! They knew I was a vegetarian and went out of their way to make me something good. How cool is that??

Joe had a ginormous lobster and we all just had a great time. Of course, the two bottles of wine we drank probably added to that. Which was another funny thing. They don't serve alcohol at the restaurant, but send people to the liquor store next door if we wanted anything. Joe and John went over and brought back two uncorked bottles of wine. Crazy!

We will definitely be going back there - it was just too great of an experience not to. AND did I mention it was cheap? The four of us paid only $66 total!

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