Sunday, November 15, 2009

Game Night

Joe and I are big fans of this website called It's this community where you can find people in your area that share your interests, and meet up with them to hang out and do what you all love to do. Usually, I'm finding dog-related groups. I've met tons of fellow Italian Greyhound owners that way. When we moved to Cheshire, I looked to see what type of groups were available, and we found a group who put on game nights. And last night we went to our first meetup.

We had a great time! There were around 25 people there and everyone brought something to eat or drink, and their favorite board game. It was great!

Joe and I ended up joining a big group of people who were playing "Battle of the Sexes". Neither of us had played it before, but it was awesome. Unfortunately, the men won the battle. I swear, those cards were rigged!

The owner of the house we met at, get this - owned big Greyhounds! She and I immediately bonded and Joe and I spent a lot of time petting the dogs. :) We are such nerds.

We are looking forward to getting together with them again.

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