Thursday, February 11, 2010

All By Myself (With the Dogs)

Joe left this afternoon for a chiropractic conference in Chicago. I just talked to him and he landed safely and he and his boss are headed out to dinner for traditional Chicago-style pizza. Sounds yummy.

It's strange being all alone in the house... I should be taking advantage of it, right? Hitting the town with some girl friends or at least watching Dirty Dancing in my pjs. But I miss him. He really wouldn't care if I watched Dirty Dancing in my pjs if he was here, that's the thing. He's that kind of guy.

But the dogs and I are making the most of it. I just took Jackson out for his nightly walk and now he is standing by the front window, looking outside and waiting for his dad. It's kind of sad. He is a daddy's boy. But it's good for the dogs and me to have some quality time together. (By the way, Ava just finished eating dinner and is now snuggled up under her snuggie again, where she lives 99% of the day. I'm pretty sure she's clueless anything different is going on.)

Joe will be back home on Saturday, which is great, because Sunday is Valentine's Day and although we don't have big plans we do want to spend it together.

I'm just hoping he takes advantage of his time in Chicago. It's not every day you get a free trip to a kick-ass city, right? Plus he will actually get to watch real-time television in his hotel room! Imagine that!

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  1. I know what it's like to miss your man! Good thing he is coming home soon... and at least you have your pups to keep you company! :)