Friday, February 19, 2010

More Snow!

We woke up to a huge snow again the other morning. For some reason, the big snows always come when we're sleeping, so we never really get to see it coming down. But even though it snowed all night, it continued to snow throughout the day, too, so we got to see a lot. Joe was thrilled - finally a huge snow!

What we woke up to.

Joe had to shovel out the car... again. (He still lets me take the garage with the car I'm borrowing from my mom.)

Jackson and I starting out on our morning walk.

Jackson loving his snowy walk.

Ava, during most of the festivities.

I did actually get Ava out in the snow this time, though. It's the first time I have coerced her outside when there is snow on the ground. But I just had to at least get her to experience it. As you can see from the following video, she was none too pleased that I made her come outside for nothing.

The snow is sticking around this time. It's really pretty, but I'm pretty much ready for the spring now. Actually, I'm ready for summer. We can even skip over spring!


  1. I am SO proud of Miss Ava going out in the snow, especially when it was so deep. But the poor little girl didn't have a coat on! no doubt the reason why she turned around so fast to head back inside. Way to go Ava.
    Your Godmother Ann (in Seattle)

  2. Yeah, I didn't put a coat on her because I knew she wouldn't be outside for longer than a few seconds. Didn't see the need to put a coat on just to take it right back off. haha

  3. Very pretty pics, the snow looks so beautiful when it's fresh!

  4. So beautiful! I'm with you--definitely ready for spring and summer. :)