Friday, February 12, 2010

Ava Walks!

Ava seriously hasn't been outside in, like, a month. I know that is horrible, but she is very good at manipulating me! It's been so cold and windy and rainy and snowy, and she just looks at me with those big eyes and digs into her blankets and basically begs me not to take her outside. And she really doesn't need that much exercise, so it's been okay. Probably not the healthiest, but okay.

Anyway, today I decided that it wasn't AS cold as most other days, so I was going to take her to the dreaded... OUTSIDE. You would have thought I was beating her with a stick the entire way. She really just hates it. The only dog I've ever met who cowers when she sees a leash. Ugh.

But she does look damn cute prancing around outside, I tell you. I just wish she didn't make me feel like crap for taking her for a walk!

I hate you mom! HATE YOU!

This shows the difference between our two dogs. Love them both though!

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