Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ava's Weight Gain

About a month ago, we took Ava into the vet for a check-up and the doctor said that she really needs to get some weight off. He said her being overweight on those spindly little legs of hers was going to cause problems - like make it even easier for her to break a leg. At that point she was 11.0 pounds. She should be around 9.8.

So, for the last month, we've cut down her food, cut down her treats, and taken her for walks every day. We took longer walks a few of those days and I even took her on a hike! I was sure I was doing everything I could, and she would be losing weight.

Yesterday I had her weighed again.

11.5 pounds!!

Yes, she has GAINED another half a pound!! WTH??

It has me scared because I'm thinking that this medication she is on isn't going to let her lose weight. It's going to keep putting weight on her until she becomes a pig on stilts. Which is a funny image, I know, but it's definitely scary.

Anyone have any advice or thoughts on losing weight while on prednisone? Either from a human or canine perspective, I'll take all the advice I can. Thanks!

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