Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Hike

Joe and I took the dogs on an awesome hike up to Castle Craig today for Easter. We had never been up there before and it was definitely a steep hike, but not a long one. We had a snack at the top, and then had lunch in the park when we got back down. It was a VERY nice day.


This was a little structure about half-way to the top. I was already tired by this point, and Joe was joking that this was the castle. We could turn around now.

We of course took the hardest, rockiest trail up.

Ava hiked the whole way by herself! I was so proud!

We made it!

Snack time. (Ava was pretty tired!)

And lunch at the bottom.

Ava: "Home now for a nap?"

Luckily for Ava, we did come home and take a nice nap.

We saw a lot of families in the park, taking pictures of their little ones in the daffodils. We miss you, family! Hope you are having a great Easter!

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