Friday, May 7, 2010

Ava Update

Jackson and Ava went to the vet on Thursday for their yearly check-ups. I was hoping for good news - something along the lines of: Ava has lost a pound! Her ears are healing! She's getting better!

Yeah, wishful thinking. Not my little girl.

She now has the doggie equivalent of corns on her paws. She has not lost any weight. She has a slight yeast infection in her ear that will require me to clean her ears and apply ointment twice a day for ten days, AND she has a bed sore on one of her elbows.

As far as that last one goes, I know you want to tell me to get her out of bed and moving around, but I swear to you, I am! She is exercising and up and moving more now that ever. The vet said that Prednisone causes a thinning of the skin and since her skin is so thin already, bed sores are not too surprising.

Unfortunately, because she is not healing well due to her auto-immune disorder, there isn't much hope that sore will go away. We are going to work on getting something to cover it and keeping her on soft bedding to give it the best chance of healing, but just like the sores on her ears, it may never heal. *sigh* My poor baby.

The only silver lining is that none of this really seems to be bothering her that much. She isn't limping, she isn't crying, she isn't visibly in any pain. She just goes with the flow and so we will have to as well. We treat what we can and just be happy that the rest isn't causing her discomfort.

My girl - our little 'complex case'.

Jackson, of course, came out squeaky clean. Happy and healthy, that's our boy. Gotta love mutts, huh?

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