Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding

Heidi and Scott's wedding was absolutely amazing. It was such a great event and we just feel so honored to have been a part of it. The wedding was held at Heidi's  hometown church - a beautiful church located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Heidi has always said you can see dolphins playing in the water from the church. I was looking, but didn't spot any. 

Heidi's family has long ties to the church, so the senior minister (who doesn't do weddings anymore) conducted the wedding. He was great - very spiritual, but funny too. Heidi looked the most beautiful I've ever seen her - her dress was gorgeous and her dark hair was pinned up in a very victorian fashion. I cried through the ceremony, especially when Heidi lost it and almost couldn't make it through her vows. It was very emotional. But when the minister pronounced them husband and wife, both Scott and Heidi turned to us and were beaming. Very cool. 

Afterward, we all headed to the Country Club for the reception. The speeches and toasts were very emotional, and there was much more crying. Then, we all were impressed by Heidi's dance with her father - a traditional waltz! Both Joe and I were seriously impressed. I got it on video, so I'll be sure to post that as well. 

After we all ate and the cake was cut, the dancing started - and boy, what a party! Both families definitely know how to party and brought everything to the dance floor. Heidi and Scott just looked like they were having such a great time, and it was hard not to get caught up in their joy. At 10:30, the DJ called the last song of the night. Once the song was over, he said that the family had called in a few favors and the party was now extended another hour! They reopened the bar, and the party continued! It was such a great night. 

This morning, we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed up to Heidi's for brunch. It was sad to say goodbye to Heidi. Everyone else would see her after her honeymoon, who knows when I'll get to see the happy couple again. I'm secretly hoping she gets relocated to D.C. again. :-) 

Most everyone flew back home today. We still have two more full days here to relax and enjoy the palm trees and beaches. We're hoping it warms up at least one of the two days we have left!

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