Saturday, July 18, 2009

Honey Has a Prison Tattoo

So, Joe picked Honey up from the vet yesterday and she was pretty drugged up. That poor girl has just been through total crap lately. She has been juggled around more than any other dog I have personally had in Rescue. From original home to temporary foster home, to vet, to temporary foster home, to foster home, to us, to vet, back to us, and now we are dropping her off at her permanent foster home today. I asked Joe if we could just keep her and foster her until we move, and he said no. I just feel so bad for the girl!

And to make matters worse, when Joe dropped her off at the vet yesterday, they said that they provide a free service during all spays where they will tattoo the dog on the leg so that she can be easily identifiable if she ever got lost. They said it was an alternative to microchipping. We thought - great! What a great thing!

She came back to us yesterday with the biggest tattoo on her leg EVER. We thought it was going to be this little tiny tattoo that you would only really see if you were looking for it - trying to identify her. Oh no, it's HUGE and it takes up most of her thigh! We are calling it her prison tat - and I hope she feels bad ass with it, because that would be the only positive at this point.

Check that out!!

They also didn't send her home with a cone, so I was up with her all night making sure she wasn't licking at her stitches. I had horrible flashbacks to my Sophie when she had her surgery. I felt so bad for her with that cone on, so I decided I would take it off of her at night. She couldn't possibly do any damage at night, I thought, and even if she started doing something, I would feel her and stop her.

Yeah - WRONG. I woke up the next day and Sophie had tore out one of her stitches, leaving this hideous gaping hole in her abdomen. She had to go back in for staples, and they told me to LEAVE THE CONE ON!! Learned my lesson there.

But Honey's incision is much smaller than Sophie's was, and she didn't seem to do any damage last night. Please everyone send out good thoughts for her, though. She needs to find her permanent situation soon!!

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