Monday, July 20, 2009

Rescue Weekend & A 3-Inning Game

We spent all day on Saturday inside the apartment caring for poor Honey. She was truly a sport, though - she really came through surgery well and was just her happy self. We were supposed to drop her off at her foster home around 5:00 on Saturday, but never heard from the woman, so we just hung out waiting...

These dogs are pros at just hanging out!

We had tickets to the Nationals/Cubs baseball game at 7:00 Saturday night and as the night went on and we didn't hear from Honey's foster mom, we figured we were going to miss it. Finally, we heard from her at 5:30 and rushed Honey up to her house (about 30 minutes away). It KILLED me to drop Honey off there... I know she was so happy with us!

We then booked it back to the Metro so we could head down to the game. Well, they were doing track maintenance on our line, so what is normally a 35 minute ride took about an hour and a half. We thought we were going to miss the entire game for sure, but when we finally got there, it was the top of the 6th inning. We at least got to watch three innings!

It was a fun game, and felt good to be in a ballpark again! We haven't been to a game since our last game in Seattle right before we left.

Sunday we woke up early and started a busy Rescue-filled day. First, we picked up one of our dogs, Lili, from her foster home. That was emotional in itself because the foster mom cried as she gave her up. It's so heartbreaking, and I totally understand what she is feeling. It's so hard to foster these dogs, fall in love with them, and then have to give them up.

We took Lili into Richmond to meet a possible forever home. It was a great match! Lili is now adopted and living in Virginia Beach with her new iggie sister, Ocean. I think she will be very happy there.

Lili curled up on my lap during the drive to Richmond.

Lili and her new sister, Ocean.

Once we left Lili with her new forever home, we headed into downtown Richmond for a home visit. The woman we visited has a really sad story. She boarded her iggie a few weeks ago when she had to go out of town and the kennel lost her dog!! Somehow the dog escaped and still hasn't been found. She has put up over a thousand posters, hired tracking dogs, coordinated search parties - anything and everything you could think of to find this dog... all to no avail. Talk about heartbreaking! (I have heard a few of these horror stories lately, about kennels losing dogs. I just would never trust one to take care of my babies. Thank goodness my mother is a pet nanny - and a great grandma! I can usually leave them with her for long trips.)

Anyway, this woman investigates every possible sighting she hears about and during one of them she ended up finding another iggy... it wasn't her lost iggy, but she couldn't bare to leave it, so she took it in and has been caring for it. He is very old with bad teeth and a bad eye, but she took him in. I just love people, sometimes! She is probably going to foster the old boy for us so we can find him a great new home!

Anyway, it's been a very busy weekend, but rewarding. Hope everyone else had a good one, too!

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