Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving with my Family

I know I'm late getting these posts up, so I thought I would start with the beginning.

I picked my dad up in Boston on Monday, November 23. After driving and walking around downtown Boston, lost, for a while, we found our dinner place and met up with Stuart, who was in Boston visiting his brother.

The next day my mom drove up from Maryland, where she just finished up a pet nanny job. It was so great having my parents here, and we spent the first couple days catching up and touring around our little town.

We all had a great Thanksgiving dinner the following Thursday.

Ava waiting for her Thanksgiving dinner. She was NOT fed at the table!

We had turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean cassarole, rolls, cranberry sauce, and three pies for dessert!

She really wanted some turkey, but she was being pretty polite.

Joe did the dishes after dinner. What a guy!

The following weekend, we took a trip up to Plymouth, Massachusetts to visit the location of the first Thanksgiving. We got to tour the Mayflower, tour the plantation, and then eat a feast that was similar to the first Thanksgiving meal. It was pretty cool.

Plymouth Rock

Outside the home of the Plymouth Rock.

On our way to tour the Mayflower II.

The Mayflower II - a recreation of one of the ships that sailed across the Atlantic, bringing people and goods from Europe.

On the ship.

A canon that is in the belly of the ship.

The recreation of the Native Village at the Plymouth Plantation. These people have Native heritage and answered our questions about the tribes.

Warming myself over the fire they used to hollow out their canoes.

Our entertainment during dinner.

My parents enjoying their 'first Thanksgiving' feast.

Good food, and lots of it!

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