Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blessed Sun

Finally, on the very last full day of our vacation, the sun decided to come out and show us what California is really like! We took full advantage of it. We took the bikes out this morning to have breakfast at this bar we found and fell in love with. Joe had Capt'n Crunch French Toast, which he was very excited about. 

We then came back to the hotel and went in the hot tub for a bit and then laid out in the sun for about an hour. It was AWESOME!! :-) Then we walked back down Hermosa Beach and sat out on the pier watching surfers for a while. 

Like I mentioned, we are pretty hooked on the Womens Softball College World Series, so we went back to that bar (Hennesey's) to watch the final game (U-Dub won! Yay!) As we watched the game we had dinner and a few drinks. 

We walked along the beach on the way back and took a final dip in the hot tub once we got back to the hotel to end the day. Seriously, an absolutely amazing day. We are both exhausted, dehydrated, and burned to a crisp, but 100% content. :-) 

We go home tomorrow, but are going to try to get out of bed early for a final trip down the beach on the bikes before heading to the airport.

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