Saturday, October 10, 2009


Joe had Thursday off, so we decided to take a nice walk with Jack, Ava, and Digby, the dog I'm walking for my neighbor. There is a great little trail by our place that leads to a nearby park. With it being Fall now, the leaves are really pretty and it's a nice little walk.

I'm still carrying Ava in her carry most places we go. She can walk a little now, but if she walks too much, she starts limping. Not sure if that is from joint pain, or from her paw pads getting sore. But she loves her carrier and loves getting out. (Joe thinks she's faking it so I'll carry her everywhere. She has never really liked going for walks.)

Me, Ava, and Digby

Joe and Jackson

Fall leaves.
(Would have been a much prettier picture without my finger in the way.)

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