Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Halloween Season!

Today seems like the first day that we have just had some time to breathe, and it feels good. Ava is doing better and even has a bit of her old spark back. She isn't sleeping as much during the day and is even letting us pet her and hold her without screaming in pain. She still doesn't feel comfortable cuddling on my lap or next to us all that often, but last night she did lay down next to me for a while, so that was good. :)

We switched her food to Natural Balance L.I.D. Fish & Sweet Potato. It came highly recommended and Ava seems to like it. Plus, it's something we can feed forever if it works, AND we can feed it to Jack, too. So, we are hoping it works. She is also on an herbal supplement and fish oil.

Anyway, since we had a free day today, we decided to bring out the Halloween box. We don't have many decorations, but we wanted to get out the few we had. The great thing about this town is that everyone really loves to decorate for the holidays. I've never lived somewhere where people started decorating BEFORE me. haha

We also winterized the air conditioners, unpacked our winter clothes and sent our summer clothes to the basement until next season. Sad day. But we got a lot done today, and I think later this afternoon we are going to head into town for the Apple Harvest Festival. Apparently, they are supposed to sell killer apple fritters. :)

Happy Halloween Season all!

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