Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

Joe and I picked out our pumpkins today! We tried to find a real pumpkin patch like the one we went to last year in Maryland, but we couldn't find one. Most of the places around here just had all their pumpkins sitting in boxes or laid out on lawns. The closest we found was a farm that picked the pumpkins and put them out in a field. At least it looked like the real thing. :)

They also had all the little weird-looking squashes that I love so much. They are so great - all so different and colorful and just scream the arrival of October.

I looked at a lot of pumpkins. It's a big decision, you know, the one you decide to pick as your yearly Halloween pumpkin. Finally, I narrowed it down to these five. Meet the finalists:

While I was deciding, Joe looked around for his pumpkin. He's laughing in the picture because he thought I was a dork for taking pictures and I told him to smile and look like he was having fun. :) He really was having fun, though.

Finally, I decided on my pumpkin.

Joe's day off is tomorrow, so we are going to continue our tradition of carving pumpkins while watching the movie Halloween. It's going to be fun!

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