Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dedicated to all the Shelter Dogs

You all might be aware of the fact that I'm a bit of an animal advocate. And you might also know that I have a thing for shelter dogs. So, when I found out that Pedigree's new campaign was called "Write a Post, Help a Dog", I knew I'd be involved! Because, you know, #dogsrule.

Did you know more than 4 million dogs wind up homeless every year. It actually pains me to type that. Because not only is that a huge number, but it's also a number that I know can't be matched by adoptive families. Which means that there are too many dogs and not enough adopters, which leads to good dogs being euthanized for no good reason.

Both Jackson and Ava are rescues. Ava came from an independent breed-specific rescue, so is probably not considered a 'shelter dog'. But Jackson certainly is - we adopted him from a shelter in Portland. And many of you know about my first Italian Greyhound, Sophie, who DID come from a shelter. (Yes, you can find purebred dogs at the shelters!) I've visited many, many shelters on the West Coast and East Coast and there is one common factor - there are AMAZING dogs all over the country just waiting for their forever home.

Many people I talk to say they won't go to a shelter because they don't want a mix. Well, I've already dispelled that rumor. You absolutely can find purebred dogs at shelters, and if not, there are breed-specific rescues all over the country that you can adopt from.

The other thing I hear a lot: "There are only adult dogs in shelters, and I want a puppy!" Also not true! Pregnant dogs are brought into shelters every day, who give birth to puppies that also need to be adopted. Plus, puppies are difficult and many people get in over their heads and drop their puppy off at the shelter because it is 'just too much work'. (Don't get me started on the escuses I've heard - OMG.)

Every shelter dog deserves a good home, so please consider them when you are looking to bring a pet into your family. If any of you have met Jackson, Ava, or my first iggy Sophie, you must realize that they are worth it!


  1. All of our pets are rescued (most shelters house more than just dogs and cats!), and I can't imagine getting a pet any other way. I work in the pet industry, and all of my favorite dogs have come from rescues, and usually are at least mixes of the "dangerous" breeds: pits, rotts, shepherds. The ones I'm most concerned about? Chihuahuas, Jack Russels, and Cocker Spaniels.

    By the way, I LOVE Jackson's haircut in that photo!

  2. 3 of our 4 dogs are shelter dogs. 1 is a Chow/Newfie mix, and the brothers are Black Lab/Beagle mixes. We got the Chow/Newfie as a pup and "The Boys" when where were ~9 months old. We are firm believers in shelter dogs. Actually once we get in the country we've agreed to get one more from the shelter so our female Springer has a companion. 5 dogs. YUP! Cuz there's still room on the couch for one more :)

  3. Your dogs are so cute! Our dog May was adopted from our local rescue society, as a puppy, and we love her to pieces!

  4. @Brandi - Yes, that is a good point, there are many different types of animals available for adoption. A lot of people don't know that. They think only cats and dogs end up in shelters. Not true. And I totally agree about the 'bully' breeds. The reputation they have is so sad.

    @FreeBird - There is always more room on the couch! hehe. Some lucky shelter dog is going to have a great new home!

    @In Real Life - Ah, thanks. Both May and Holly are beautiful as well!

  5. Well first; good for you with regard to knowing about Pedigree's campaign - I had no idea! It is amazing the myths that are still around about shelters and the beautiful animals that end up there. Even no kill shelters: I directed and ran one for a while in Illinois and it truly was one of the better shelters in that state. However, I constantly got people that thought we kept an animal alive no matter what - not true. We cared about quality of life and if a dog or cat was suffering, of course we did what was humane.But, what we didn't do was euthanize an animal just because his or her days were up. We provided a very caring, safe, comfortable and rehabilitating home to all of our sweet guests until they found a loving and permanent one.

  6. Oh, Kim, that is amazing! I didn't know you ran a shelter. What a difficult job. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about shelters. I like that campaigns such as Pedigree are working to educate the public.