Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Toy

One of my coworkers won a trip to a Dog Blogging conference in Denver called BlogPaws last week. While she was there, she met the owner of a company that sells dog toys. Stacy, my coworker, mentioned we had a blog and would love to do a review if the person was interested. Well, this week a HUGE box of toys arrived at work!

I was given "Sally the Beaver" to test with Jackson. (We ended up calling it Justin Beiber the Beaver and it was so funny to hear Joe call out to Jackson - "Where's Justin Beiber? Go get Justin Beiber!" haha) Little did we know that both Jackson AND Ava would love it!

The thing has 12 squeakers in it's body and then this honking sound for it's tail. The dogs loved it. Total toy test win. :)


  1. Oh wow - where can you get Sally the Beaver? My Oscar would LOVE that one - he's the squeaky, furry toy lover in the household :-)

  2. You can get them online at Kyjen -

    They come in four different animals - squirrel, skunk, fox, and raccoon. Jack *adores* squirrels, though, so I'm glad we got that one. :)