Monday, September 13, 2010

Wedding Shower Fun

What a weekend! We were in Wenatchee this weekend and we were going non-stop from the moment we arrived until the moment we headed out of town!

One of the events Joe and I went to was in our honor - a wedding shower hosted by my cousin (and bridesmaid) Christi! She definitely went above and beyond, making amazing appetizers that were all vegetarian and chocolate cupcakes from scratch.


My whole family attended and Joe and I were just blown away by everyone's support and generosity. The theme was 'honeymoon' and everyone donated to our honeymoon fund so we can have an amazing week's stay in Cancun, Mexico. I know that once we say our 'I do's' we will be ready for a nice beach vacation to relax!

Joe, Aunt Kathy, and my dad

Our two under-age attendees, Emily and Mason. How cute are they?

My cousin had us all play this great game as well. She placed a bunch of stuff related to the honeymoon in a pillowcase and tied the end. Each person had two minutes to feel the outside of the pillowcase and write down what they thought was in there. I would definitely suggest this game if you are throwing a shower. Everyone got really into it! And then I got to pull each one of the items out of the bag to keep!

Me playing the game. I totally thought I was going to win, but my neice (in pink, behind me) and my cousin's fiance were the winners, with 7 correct guesses. Impressive!

My dad, me, and Joe. I love this picture because it shows off my shoes. I love those shoes. ;)

Me with the planner extraordinaire!

Digging through the pillowcase.

Opening cards.

One of the items in the pillowcase - a shirt for Joe. As you can read, it wasn't very nice. haha.

mmmmm.. cupcake.

This is a terrible picture of me because Joe kept asking me to scrunch down because in my kick-ass shoes, I was taller than him. But it makes me look like a squatty weirdo. Lesson learned.

It was such a wonderful celebration and I can't thank everyone enough for their generosity. I am very lucky to have the family I do (even though they are complete wackos, let's be honest) and am so happy that they have accepted Joe with open arms.

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