Friday, March 5, 2010

Ava Can't Catch a Break

We were back at the vet yesterday. Yep, Ava just can't catch a break. Although, I'm pretty sure she did this one to herself...

On Wednesday night Joe and I noticed that her right eye was all squinty. It brought us back to when she last had an eye issue, so we kept a close eye on it. I tried to wipe it clean and look around as much as I could. We decided if it wasn't better in the morning (Thursday - Joe's day off), Joe would take her to the vet.

The next morning that eye was pasted shut! The poor girl couldn't even open it. I helped pry it open and told Joe he would need to make an appointment.

Of course, by the time I was leaving for work, it seemed fine. It didn't look any different from the other eye and she wasn't squinting it at all. I considered not taking her in, but figured we'd better be safe.

It's a good thing we took her! The vet spent quite a bit of time rooting around in her eye and found two small ulcers AND pulled out a wad of nasty red gunk. It was definitely material of some kind and we realized that it must have gotten in there from her spending much of her day burrowing under our (many) fleece blankets.

The vet sent us home with ointment we have to put in her eye three times a day, and as soon as we got home we stored all the fuzzy blankets and brought out the few quilts and other blankets we had that would be safe.

Poor baby!

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