Friday, March 26, 2010

Mom's Week

It's been so much fun having my mom here this week! We haven't really done a whole lot, so there haven't been many photo opps. I feel like a horrible hostess, since we should be going out and exploring and making the most of it. But, I'm poor and saving for a wedding, so instead I tell her I just want to spend 'quality time with her' at home, and she totally buys it. I don't seem like such a loser that way.

But since there hasn't been much to post on the blog, I made a point of taking some pictures today.

Ava doesn't like her gramma to work on the computer. Pay attention to me!

She's used to me being on the computer.
We took a long walk to the park today and I got a couple random shots, but then we decided to take a real photo shoot because my mom needs some good picture for her pet-sitting business.

Pick me up gramma!

Jackson says "No more pictures, let's GO!"

Photo Shoot:

Of course, I had to get a couple shots of me lovin' on my sweet babies!

Is he not the CUTEST??

So, that's our day. It's really all about the dogs. Sad, I know. Time to go make dinner now. I'm such a good wife-to-be. :)

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  1. Hi Heather! I saw your comment about hiring a makeup stylist on my blog and wanted to be sure to respond. :) I first got the recommendation for my stylist from the day-of wedding coordinator we’re working with in California, and then I did meet with her in December to talk and look at her portfolio before giving her a deposit.

    I would suggest that even if you’re not working with a coordinator in Seattle, maybe one of your other vendors there might have a suggestion that can help you get started. Most vendors have worked with and know other vendors, so that might be a good way to find someone reliable. I hope it works out easily, since I definitely know how tough it can be doing things long-distance!