Saturday, June 5, 2010

Did I Mention We're Moving?

So, I realized that I haven't actually officially announced our move. Joe and I are moving back to the Seattle area! We will be leaving sometime in July, depending on when my wedding gown becomes available to be picked up. (Of course it all depends on something wedding-related!)

Joe flew out to Seattle mid-May and interviewed with a few chiropractors in the area. He ended up accepting a fabulous job with a woman in Bellevue. The best part is, the woman is looking to sell the business in three to five years. So, Joe will have the opportunity to buy it and make it his own office, which has always been his ultimate goal.

We are really going to miss the East Coast, and we couldn't be happier with the people we've met and the adventures we've had here, but it just makes sense at this time in our lives to 'settle down' somewhere, and we always really felt that Seattle is our home. And it will be nice to be closer to family as well.

So, along those lines, we've been calling on apartments, I've been applying for jobs, we've already packed some boxes, and we're trying to sell things we don't want to bring along. We listed our car on Craigslist yesterday and someone replied to the ad right away. And.... we sold the car that night! I have never sold anything that fast. It was a little sad. That car brought us out here and stuck it out this whole time. We'll miss the old girl.

We still have my mom's car, which we will drive back to Washington, and eventually we will buy it from her. It's a much more reliable car and will be much more comfortable to drive cross country, since it actually has cruise control. (We found out the car we bought before we moved didn't have cruise control the day we started the drive. That was NOT fun.)

So, anyway, things are ticking along nicely. Sometimes I can't believe we're moving back. It's crazy, huh??


  1. Wow that's quite a move! Sounds like an awesome opportunity!!!! Best wishes!

  2. Thanks! It's going to be an interesting road trip, that's for sure!