Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recipe for the Perfect Day

1. Wake up to a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Have breakfast and coffee while your fiance is walking the dog.

2. Head out to the tennis court and play tennis until the shade leaves the court.

3. Come home, put on bathing suit, and lay by the pool for an hour, reading, relaxing, and basically feeling good.

4. Come home, shower, and have fiance take you out for lunch.

5. Stop for ice cream on the way home.

6. Come home, walk dogs in the sunshine.

7. Take a three-hour nap.

8. Wake up, cuddle with fiance on couch as he finishes the movie he was watching. Make room for two cuddly dogs.

9. Drag out silly board games.

10. Play games, laugh a lot, and snack on chips and homemade taco dip until 10:00 p.m.

11. Brush Ava's teeth while fiance walks Jackson... again.

12. Go to bed.

This was our Memorial Day. A perfect Monday off together, no distractions, no stress, just us. It was the pefect way to end May, and usher in June, our last full month here in Connecticut. I hope all of you had as fabulous a day as we did.

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