Friday, June 4, 2010

Root Canal

Due to school and finances, Joe has been putting off a trip to the dentist of years, yes years!, and I finally convinced him it was time. He has had an aching tooth for a LONG time now and I finally just put my foot down. (Haha, that sounds like such a married person thing to say. Yikes, are we already there??)

He hates the dentist. Mostly because he always needs work done. And he knew it would cost a lot. So he put it off and when I insisted he get himself fixed up, he tried to back out because, oh yeah, we're planning a wedding AND a move right now.

But you know what is more important than a wedding and a move? Our health. So, he finally took the plunge and is now healing and will be good as new soon.

But he did have to get a root canal. So everyone send him healing thoughts. :)

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