Friday, June 25, 2010

Joe's 40th: Day 2, Lunch in Boston

I have totally brainwashed Joe, because every time I let him pick a place to eat, he always seems to pick a Mongolian BBQ! Love it! So for his birthday lunch in Boston, we went to a place called Fire and Ice. I guess a few of his patients recommended it to him.

It was a really great place (but not as great as the Wok).

Samantha, Joe, and Cindy all decked out in Red Sox gear!

I totally stuck out in my new red Red Sox shirt. But we were all pumped for the big game!

I told the cook that we were here for Joe's birthday and he said he always took pictures with the birthday guests, so not to forget on the way out.

Next up, Fenway Paaahhhk.

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