Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jackson's Monthly Playdate

Jackson had his monthly playdate on Saturday and had a great time as always! They have switched things around since we went there last (we missed last month) and they have a great new play area and fun toys. We were the first to arrive, and Jackson had a chance to explore the new digs in detail.

He LOVED the little play gym they had set up. I swear, when we finally get a yard, I'm buying one of these for him. I know it's crazy, buying a play set for a dog, but he so loved it! He was going in and out of the little tunnels and checking it all out. Too cute!

I played ball with him a little and he got tired and laid down. Seriously, no other dogs had showed up yet!

The other dogs finally showed up and Jackson did really well playing with all of them. Of course, he tried to hump them at times (we really need to break him of that!) but all was well.

I'm hoping Joe will be able to join us for the July meetup - our last one. It's just so fun to see Jack having so much fun!

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