Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Joe and I had another great Sunday together.

First, we went to a baseball game in town to watch a couple of his patients play.

Yes, we were the only ones there cheering on the team. But it was fun. And both his patients came into the office yesterday (Monday) and thanked him for coming out. Pretty cool.

After the game we headed on the road toward Mystic. I just love that town so much. I don't know why. It's very touristy, but there is also a calm and peace about it.

We had drinks at this nice bar called Azu:

And then we finally ate at Mystic Pizza! (We've been there many times and never eaten there. And it was actually really good pizza!)

Then we had to get dessert at the local ice cream shop. I got blackberry sorbet with a gummy bear topper.

Before we left town we stopped at the point in Stonington. Talk about peaceful. I get this overwhelming calm about me when I stand on the point and stare out into the ocean.
Another great day!

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