Monday, August 16, 2010

Ava's First Day at Work

So my job at Trupanion, a pet insurance company, is one where I'm allowed to bring my dog to work. How great is that, right? I thought about which dog would be best to take (Jackson is super friendly but a little rambunctious, Ava is kind of bitchy, but sleeps a lot), and decided Ava was the lesser of two evils. (I'm sorry, best of two angels is what I meant!)

Today was the first day I felt comfortable enough to bring her to work with me. My mom is here for the week, so I figured if something went wrong, she could come rescue Ava and it wouldn't be too disruptive.

Well, I didn't need to worry, because Ava did great! She wore her pearls for her first day and got a lot of compliments (well, okay, she got made fun of a little too, but mostly compliments). She started out on her bed on my lap, so it was a little harder for me to work on the computer than normal. But by the end of the day, she was a 'desk dog', hanging out on her bed on my desk. It was so cute!

Desk Dog!

She ventured away from me to drink some water.

Saying hi to her new friend, Ellie!

I am so lucky to work at a place where I can take her. I love my job!

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