Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving into Our New Place

After our pit stop in Wenatchee, we headed up (sorry OVER) to Bellevue to pick up our keys to our new condo that we are renting. We had seen the place on video and in pictures, but hadn't seen it ourselves, so we were a little nervous. But luckily, we really love it!

It's super small (only 790 square feet!) but everything is really new and modern, which we love.

We picked up the keys on Tuesday, July 20th, but unfortunately, our stuff wasn't scheduled to arrive until the following Monday! (This is due to a miscommunication that led to them picking up our stuff three days late. Huge bummer.) So, we were back to sleeping on the floor on an air mattress in a completely empty apartment. It was like camping, sort of, and would have been totally fine if our air mattress didn't have a hole it in. We went to bed on a nice firm mattress and by midnight we were laying on the floor. Anyway, it was an adventure.

Joe's parents came up that Sunday, the 25th, so they would be there to help when our shipment arrived on Monday. They brought Joe's nephew, Zach, which ended up kicking a ton of ass (for us, not so much for him) because he's a strapping young 16-year-old who is SUPER strong and was able to help us a ton with moving in the heavy stuff. (I own a lot of books. And after this move, Joe said I'm not allowed to by a single new book until we buy a house and know we are done moving. haha.)

We were able to get the trailer unloaded in about three hours and called the moving company who came and hauled it away. Perfect!

It was nice having Joe's family here, since he hasn't seen them in over a year. The dogs loved having their grandparents here as well, since they kept slipping them treats (bad grandparents!!). I called them the 'weak links', as was evident by the dogs' rapt attention during meal time.

Weak Link #1: Joe's dad

Weak Link #2: Joe's mom (with their dog, Roxy)

Joe and I both started our jobs on Wednesday, the 28th, so we've been slowing unpacking the boxes. I finally got everything unpacked today, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. I swear, I'm a freak. If one thing in my life is unorganized, my whole life goes crazy. But now that the house is more or less in order, I can start organizing other things. You know, like that small event I'm hosting in two months. :)

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