Monday, August 30, 2010

City Dog Mutt Mixer

On Wednesday last week Joe and I (and Ava!) went to an event in downtown Seattle. The event was put on by City Dog Magazine, called the "Mutt Mixer" and it was so much fun! We had all gone three years ago, before we moved to the East Coast, and it was so fun to go again. This time we were joined by my two co-workers, Stacy and Akvile, and their dogs, Ellie and Batman.

Stacy, Ellie, Akvile, Batman, me, Ava, and Joe

Love this picture!

Where's Waldo? Do you see us in the way back?

Batman... duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh.... Batman!

A DJ was spinning tunes, and they had free apps and a cash bar. It rocked!

It was a packed house.

Batman and Ava - where are our treats?

Gorgeous Ellie girl!

Ava taking stock of any food she can scrape up.

The Trupanionistas!

Ava battling it out with Magnum, a Great Dane.

We had so much fun! We even saw our friend Amanda, who was there with her new puppy Wren. It's nice to have an event with other dog lovers. Everyone is on the same page!

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