Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gelato Tweetup

I went to another social media event last night, and this time dragged Joe along with me. It was a fun night, and it was great that Joe got to finally meet one of my coworkers. Even though this particular event didn't serve wine (whaaa?), they did serve authentic Italian pastries and gelato. The event was sponsored by Gelatiamo, and they unveiled a new flavor - raspberry honey cream. (I didn't care too much for it, but Joe ate two bowls, so he gave it a thumbs up.)

It was held at Microsoft Studios, so we also got a tour of the facility. It was really interesting. I had no idea about all the things they did there. They had a few studios that they filmed in, they had voice over rooms, and millions of dollars worth of equipment. I kept telling Joe to watch me, because I have a tendency to knock things over. I'm clumsy that way.

So here are some pictures of the night:

I was so cold, and I know I look it in this picture.

My coworker, Akvile. She called us the Trupanionistas!

The green screen in one of Microsoft's studios. We were pretending we were in Paris.

I love Seattle because it seems like there is always something like this going on. Tonight we are headed to another event - a Muttmixer in downtown Seattle put on by City Dog Magazine. Ava will be attending as well!

*Thanks to Akvile for taking the photos last night!

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  1. You are most totally welcome! Good times! :D