Friday, November 19, 2010

Fighting with (and Losing to) Ava

As you well know, Ava has a way of manipulating me into getting her way. For example, she will eat all her food and then stand there looking pathetic like, "I'm still soooooo hungry!" so I'll give her a little more. Or, she'll cuddle up to me when I'm working on my computer and stretch and give this cute little sigh like being with me is the MOST wonderful thing in the WHOLE wide world and if I would just move the computer a little off my lap it would make her SO much more comfortable.... so, I'll move my computer so it's in a completely inconvenient position, and really hard for me to type on. (And Ava smiles as her plan of world domination becomes more of a reality.)

But I'm holding my ground on nightly walks. (so far). Every night when we get home we bundle up and take the dogs for a walk. And it's getting colder and colder and Ava is trying to work her magic on me. She'll burrow under covers and look at me with these pathetic eyes and plead not to be taken out. She will hide under the table and almost cower, making me feel like I am actually abusing her in some way. (This one really hurts.) She will lower her head and refuse to look at me like I'm the worst mom ever.

But it's GOOD for her. She doesn't get hardly any exercise and she needs it. So, I force her to go.

Well, like I said, it's getting colder, so she is now wearing her winter coats to try to keep her a tad bit warmer outside. Last night I brought out the big guns.... her four-legged jammies. It's the warmest outfit she has and it was cold out there. And she HATED it. And she tried all the tricks in the book to make me feel bad enough to take it off her and let her stay home. But I didn't give in. And dang it, I think she looks damn cute!

A bit pathetic, sure, but damn cute!!


  1. POOR little girl! You are so mean to her :-) Tell her she will see Grandma pretty soon and I'll protect her!!!

  2. Aww I love her little suit! Dogs like Ava with such sweet faces can get away with almost everything :)

  3. Aww, the poor little thing. But you are right, the walks are good for her so hold your ground on that one. She does look adorable in that outfit! Wondering if she ends up liking it once she gets out and moving. She also sounds just like mine: I'm constantly in an uncomfortable position just to make them happy :-)

  4. Dogs are much better trainers than we are, it's amazing how they are able to shape us into doing what they want. We could learn from them.

    Poor little Ava. That outfit is adorable though, and she must feel better in it once she's outside. I commend you for being strong and taking her outside, no matter what she tries. It's not easy!

  5. @Mom Now everyone knows that she has YOU even more wrapped around her little finger than ME!!

    @Ellie Yes, she continues to get away with breaking mugs that are accidentally left on the counter. That girl is serious trouble!

    @Kim No, she hates the whole time we are out walking. She has never liked being outside. Doesn't like walks, doesn't like dog parks, nothing. She is the weirdest dog I know! I practically have to drag her the whole way down the street and then she practically runs home. Head down, tail tucked the whole way.

    @Kristine Yes, they are fabulous trainers. I hate that she has me trained. But she definitely knows how to work me! I wish she would like wearing her coats more. I think she looks so dang cute in them!