Monday, November 15, 2010

Trupanion's Pawliday Blog Contest

I am so excited to announce a blog contest from Trupanion - the Pawliday Blog Contest! Unfortunately, as a Trupanion employee, I'm not allowed to enter, but I know many of you have fabulous holiday stories about your pets, so you all definitely should! First place prize is $500!

Find out all the rules here:

I hope one of you wins!


  1. Great prize from a great company - I will be checking it out!

  2. Awesome, I was just going to email you directly about it! Hope you enter!

  3. I HAVE to enter this!!! I'm so glad you posted it (but also a little bummed for you that Jackson and Ava can't get in on the spoils).

    Thanks, and keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Brandi - awesome! I was hoping you would be game! Can't wait to read it!