Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweens Past

I think I've mentioned that I'm a fan of Halloween. I just love dressing up, decorating the apartment, enjoying everyone else's costumes, baking Halloween treats, and handing out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters.

I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night with my cousin and had a great time, but unfortunately, in my rush to get back home to my husband the following morning, I left the camera with all the great pictures at my cousin's house.

So, I thought I'd head down memory lane and recap my costumes of Halloween past. Then, when I get my camera back, I'll show you all the fun that this Halloween had to offer.

Halloween 2006 - The Devil
I had met Joe but we weren't dating at the time. I spent Halloween with my best friend instead. (His housemates went as his 'bunnies'. If that doesn't inflate your ego, I don't know what would!)

Halloween 2007 - 50's Couple

I found out that my super-cool boyfriend likes to dress up for Halloween too! Ah, a match made it heaven! (Yes, I wore those skates all night and yes, they ROCKED!)

Halloween 2008 - Gunslingers

We were living in the Washington D.C. area and had a blast bar hopping downtown!

Halloween 2009 - Gunslingers (again)

Lame, I know, but we had only been living in Connecticut for a couple months and didn't have any parties to go to or anything and just didn't think new costumes were worth it. We did go to Joe's work party, where they had fun things for families to do. I don't even have a picture of us together. :( But, we did have our first trick-or-treaters EVER that year and that was pretty fun.

What are your favorite Halloween costumes from Halloweens past?


  1. I LOVE the 50s ones! Any excuse to wear roller skates is pretty awesome in my book!

    I was a bunny a couple of years ago. When I was a little girl though, I totally won a contest as Dorothy. It was pretty awesome.

  2. Love your Halloween memory lane - you look cute, both of you. And yes; if you love to do something so much than it is quite a bonus to find a spouse that loves the same things. Sorry you left your camera - I bet there's some great photos on there. Curious: where did you live in the DC area? I lived in Arlington, VA for a long time!

  3. @Brandi The skates rocked. I actually wore that costume the following year to work and won the costume contest. Everyone loves skates. :) I have ALWAYS wanted to go as Dorothy. Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie of all time. I think Joe and I might do something with that next year. :)

    @Kim I lived in Germantown, MD. How wierd you lived in Arlington for a while!