Monday, November 22, 2010

First Seattle Snow

This morning there were a lot of angry, stressed-out, scared, and otherwise unhappy people in Seattle. Joe and I were not two of those people. We love this stuff!

Sure, it took me two hours to get to work this morning. I was 30 minutes late. Joe had to walk farther up the street to catch the bus that was on a 'snow route'. It was incredibly cold and a little slick.

But it was beautiful! It just started snowing as we walked the dogs this morning and it was dark and quiet and it was so peaceful. Then the snow got heavier as I headed off to work and I have to say - sitting at a standstill in a traffic jam is so much better if you have some snow to look at. (It didn't hurt that the radio station played a couple Christmas songs to try to calm the more stressed-out people down.)

I say bring it on! If it's going to be cold, it might as well be snowing. It's the only redeeming factor of cold weather! And much better than the typical Seattle rain. Plus, it's the holidays! White Thanksgivings and especially White Christmases are all the more merry!

What do you think about the snow?


  1. The snow is better than the freezing cold! I find out here if it's snowing that means the temperatures aren't going to dip too far below zero. When it's too cold to snow, that's when I have an issue. Besides, before Christmas I think snow can be quite charming.

    After the holiday is another story.

    I like your perspective!

  2. Very true. The worst is when it's too cold to even snow. It just totally gets me into the holiday spirit. :)

  3. I agree with you 100% and, I'm envious. No snow here and even the colder weather has left :-( I love snow, especially this time of year. It's beauty is beyond measure - especially the first snow.

  4. @Kim Yes, I think it's because this is the first snow that it is getting me all warm and fuzzy. haha But it's just so dang pretty. Of course, if it's still snowing in two months, I may feel different. Hope you get a little this season!

  5. I can't even imagine how so many people survive in places so cold. For years I was convinced that I wanted to live somewhere way north, with lots of snow. Then I moved 3 hours north (to North Florida), and thought I might freeze to death. With no snow to shovel, or ice on the roads.

    Kudos to you for beating the odds! I'll stay here and take my chances with hurricanes (although - I do love to visit snow, for skiing and sledding and fun things like that!).

  6. Yaaaay snow! Except for the part where it takes you hours to get home from work :\

  7. @Brandi We have lots of skiing and sledding here! You are welcome to visit anytime! I'm jealous of you Floridians... I do love snow, but I HATE the cold and it would feel heavenly to have warmth in November/December. :)

    @Ellie Yeah, the trip home was pretty dang scary, but once I finally got home, I was loving the snow!

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