Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Trip Back to Magnussen

Since Joe had Monday off, and it was actually a rare sunny morning in Seattle, he decided to take Jackson to our favorite Seattle dog park - Magnussen. We used to go to Magnussen quite a bit when we lived in Seattle before, but hadn't been there since moving back. I admit I'm a little sad that I didn't get to join the boys, but I was happy they had such a great time.

Making new friends.

Taking a break.

Crashed out back at home.


  1. Aww lucky dogs! Ellie hasn't been to the park in a long time and I'm sure she misses it

  2. Yes, but Ellie gets to come to work with mom, which Jackson would KILL for. :) Maybe soon, after he gets some training, he can come and keep Ellie company.

  3. I sooo wish I could take mine to the dog park but they get into a pack mentality when they are all together and it isn't pretty :-( I always tell myself I will take them one at a time but, sneaking out of the house with just one is not easy. Anyway, Joe - he is one great husband and doggie Daddy!

  4. @Kim You are so sweet. Yes, he is a great dad. Our fur kids love him. :)