Friday, October 29, 2010

Home from the Honeymoon

Monday, October 18

We sadly left Cancun on Monday. We had such a fabulous time and made sure we said goodbye to all the staff who had been so kind to us the entire week. It was actually the perfect time to leave. We had thought it was weird to be so alone at the hotel, but by the time we left more people had showed up and they were noisy and rude and we missed our quiet little vacation. haha

My luggage tag. :)

Of course, we couldn't get out of the country without a little drama. :) When we went to check in for our flight, the airline couldn't find our flight. Apparently, the computer said we were to connect in Charlotte, but our tickets said we were to connect in Phoenix. That took a bit of time to figure out, but they finally found our flight.

Then they asked for our immigration forms. Now, no one told us to keep these forms after we filled them out to get INTO the country, so I never paid any attention to them after we got to our hotel. We looked through our stuff and I found mine, but we couldn't find Joe's. "That is your ticket back into the U.S.," the lady said.

"Um... well, we don't have it," I said. (Joe at this point was FREAKING OUT, but I was just trying to go with the flow.)

They sent us to the U.S. Airlines office in the back of the airport. They reviewed Joe's passport and took a copy of the stamp he received when we came into Mexico. Then they sent us to immigration.

Immigration asked Joe a bunch of questions. I felt like we sounded guilty because one of the questions he asked us was if we had the same last name. I was all, "Well, yes, but no because... well, technically NO, but we just got married, so..." They just kind of looked at me and shoved a new form to Joe.

Joe filled out the form and everything ended up being fine. :)

I had a Fanta with a fancy straw to celebrate.

Then we went through security and because fate likes to screw with Joe, his bag got pulled for inspection. :) Actually, the security guy was pulling almost every other bag for inspection. We got to watch a lot of people get searched before it was our turn. It's funny the different reactions people have. Some people were super apologetic because they forgot they had a bottle of water in their bag. Some people were so pissed they couldn't even speak because the security guy had to take away a pair of tweezers. Funny.

They just checked out the cords for Joe's iPod and phone, and sent us on our way.

Whoever designed the Cancun airport is brilliant because you have to walk through the duty free shop to get between security and the gates. We decided to buy a bottle of Don Julio, Joe's favorite brand of tequila, which is usually super expensive. It was a lot cheaper and we thought it would be a fun reminder of the trip.

Well, we forgot that we had to go through Customs once we landed in Phoenix. And since you have to go back through security after Customs, they won't let you bring any liquids through. The airline made an announcement to say that if anyone bought anything from duty free, to place it in their checked luggage before going back through security. We didn't check any luggage.

We thought it would be pretty ironic if they made us pay the $25 to check a bag so we could send our tequila that we saved $20 by buying in duty free, home with us. Luckily, the airline allowed us to check one of our carry on bags for free.

We arrived safe and sound back in Seattle around midnight.

And that was our trip!


  1. Would a honeymoon really be a honeymoon without a few mishaps? Wondering what Joe is like when he is "freaking out." Anyway, you obviously had a dream honeymoon from what I've read and just want to say again, Congratulations!

  2. Joe's freak outs aren't really that bad. He just gets really quiet and gets this look on his face which says that he reeeeaaaaallllly is not having a good time right now. I'm pretty good at smoothing it over, though. It really was a great honeymoon and this small bit of trouble just gives us another story to tell!