Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

Here is my year in review:

February - I fly to Seattle for my first wedding shower.

March - Joe receives his Bachelor's Degree.

March - Gown shopping with my mom and I purchase my dream wedding gown.

March - First trip into Boston.

May - A trip into Maine.

May - My 29th birthday celebrated with a trip to New York City.

June - Our final trip into Mystic, Connecticut.

June - Joe's 40th birthday, a surprise visit from Cindy and Samantha, and Fenway Park!

June - Another trip into New York City (continuing Joe's birthday celebration).

July - Walking the National Mall with the dogs.

July - Last night out with friends in Washington D.C.

July - We start our cross-country move back to Seattle, with a stop in Chicago.

July - During out trip through Yellowstone, we see a bear and her cubs.

August - My neice gets married!

August - I start a new job where I can bring Ava to work.

September - We get our marraige license!

September - My cousin throws us another shower.

September - Joe's family throws us a wedding shower.

October - We get married!!!

October - We take an amazing, relaxing honeymoon to Cancun.

October - My cousin gets married.

November - We meet my cousin's new dog Bogey for the first time during Thanksgiving.

December - We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple!

It has literally been the most amazing year! I have never been happier and am so happy with all the fun adventures we've been able to experience in 2010. I know it will be a hard year to beat, but I already know that 2011 will be amazing as well.

I hope you all are as happy with your 2010 as I am with mine!


  1. Heather yes, you really have had quite a year - how will you top it?! ;-) I loved the photo of the mama bear and her cubs. You really got around and such great places. Again, Happy New Year to you, Joe and the pups. I hope the next one is just as amazing - Hug!

  2. @Kim It will be hard to top, for sure. It was a great year! Happy New Year to you and hugs!

  3. Heather, I'm so glad that you made your way back to Seattle and got a job at Trupanion that would lead to us meeting and becoming friends. You're such an amazing person and I was so honored to be invited to your wedding. I have high hopes for many more great times to come in 2011!

  4. @Stacy You are so sweet! I am so thankful to have found this job and met you as well. (And Ellie! Love that dog!) I definitely hope we can get together lots in 2011 as well. Here's to a great new year!

  5. meanwhile it´s 2013, I just stumbled upon this lovely blog via your profile and "Billy The Pig´s" blog. Just like to say I loved the pictures, hope you´re all well and wish you all the best, with love from Germany