Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ava Loves Her Dad

Joe always complains because he says Ava loves me more than she loves him. While I know she is a momma's girl, I also know that she absolutely adores her dad. And it's moments like this that prove my point:


  1. I am always joking about how my dog Shiva loves my husband much more. When he comes home from work she goes absolutely nuts. When I come home from work she gives me a look like "it's about time, woman!" But I think she loves us both equally and differently. I am the food and training lady and he is the fun and games guy.

    At least, that's what I tell myself.

  2. PROOF! Very sweet :)


  3. Joe is the best! Any man that can make such a statement is on the top of my list. Precious photo Heather!

  4. @Kristine That is so funny. I feel the same way about our second dog, Jackson. When I'm home and Joe isn't, Jackson will sit and stare at the door. I'm all, "hello! I'm here!"

    @Kari Thanks. :)

    @Kim He really is a great guy! And a fabulous dog dad. :)

  5. Soo cute! She looks so tiny there :)

  6. @Ellie I know! I think she is so chunky, but she is still quite a little girl. :)