Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Fun at Work

The Thursday before Christmas, my work had some fun things going ton. We had an ugly sweater contest, a cubicle decorating contest, cookie party, and potluck. My little team had fun with all the festivities. Here I am with two of my coworkers in our ugly sweaters in front of our cubicle, which we tranformed into a gingerbread house.

I've never owned an ugly sweater, so my coworker brought me one to wear. It was a kid's sweater that was too small and super awful. Unfortunately, I didn't win the contest, though.


  1. LOL. I went to an ugly sweater party once. I had more fun with my friends at the thrift store before the party, shopping for the perfect one. I think you were robbed. Ugly AND way too small totally should win.

    How awesome your office took time to celebrate!

  2. Yay, you guys looked great and so did (do) the decorations!

  3. I love the ugly sweater contest! And the idea to turn the cubicle into a gingerbread house!

  4. @Kristine - I had no time to thrift shop before the day, but I know that would have been so much fun!

    @Stacy - Thanks! Of course, yours was absolutely the best!

    @Brandi - We had a lot of fun with it!

  5. Oh what a great photo - actually, I've seen a lot worse sweaters than those! Love the idea of the gingerbread house cubicle too. You guys really know how to make work fun! :-)

  6. @Kim Wow - worse than those? They must have been pretty bad! haha