Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie Night with Friends

A friend of mine from work had said that she wanted to check out Snowflake Lane. I told her Joe and I were planning to go Saturday night, if her and her husband wanted to join us. She agreed. However, as Saturday evening progressed, so did the monsoon outside, so we decided it probably wasn't a good night to stand out in the rain. So, we invited them over to our place instead, and told them to bring their dog, Batman, to play with Jackson and Ava.

Usually Jackson is a little territorial with other dogs. We wanted to have the playdate, but figured we might be on edge a little bit, watching Jackson to make sure he behaved himself. But we were surprised with Jackson immediately started playing with Batman and SHARING his toys! We all had a fun and relaxing night. It was great.

Jackson, Ava, and Batman

Ava watching the action.

Hanging out.

Batman with Jackson's fish.

Saying goodbye.


  1. Do you get Costco dog beds too? WE love them


  2. @Kari haha - yes, that big brown bed came from Costco! It was a gift last Christmas from my mom. It's supposed to be Jackson's, but Ava likes to lay in in and pretend she's a big dog. :)

  3. It's too bad you missed out on snowflake lane but at least there was a lot of indoor fun to be had! What a great night, and how generous of Jackson to share his fish.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I must head to Costco because apparently that is where the best beds are found!

  4. Aww, that warmed my heart to see Batman - he looks just like my Max that passed away. That round bed that Ava is on looks just like the one my Oscar sleeps on - except Oscar is three times bigger than Ava! Sounds like it was an overall good evening - Hugs!

  5. @Kristine Jackson was very generous - we were so proud! Funny how the Costco beds seem so popular! :)

    @Kim Batman is a great dog. Joe and I were never that impressed with Min. Schnauzers until we met him. He changed our outlook!